The Searl Effect Generator – Free Energy in your home almost here!

The John Searl Electric Generator or the “SEG” (Searl Effect Generator)

Now before you raise your eyebrows, let out a “Huff” and dismiss this Technology as mere fantasy, I have a question to ask….. “Would you like to wave goodbye to those expensive energy bills you recieve month in month out?”
If the answer to that question is YES…. then please take some moments of your time to watch some videos i will post below, so that you can rest assured that this Technology is real, and so you can be certain that the future of green energy is just around the corner.

The Searl Effect in operation.

The SEG (Searl Effect Generator) is a series of three magnetic rings and their particular cylindrical pieces of magnetic counterparts. They form a flat configuration where there are three solid magnetic rings functioning as stators and a space for the smaller oppositely magnetized magnetic pieces considered rotors. The pieces are at the same time drawn around to the solid magnetic rings and repulsed when rotating in a manner that they float about 1 or 2 mm steadily above the surface of the ring. This works with the first inner ring, as well as the other second and third ring. The second ring is placed around the smaller set of a ring and pieces. The first set contains 12 rollers. The rollers of the second ring would be drawn outward from the first ring. The second magnetic ring also rotates the roller around it, and so on with the third ring. The set thus is as follows: Ring — Rollers — Ring — Rollers — Ring — Rollers. The second ring contains an additional 10 rollers and the third has 10 more than the second, because the rings are bigger in diameter.

Now the scientists working on this technology are doing so with zero funding

The SEG is composed of four distinct materials in the same order sequence layering from the inside to outside for both stator rings and rotors or rollers.

  • Neodymium — A bright, silvery rare-earth metal used as a collector of free electrons on an open system and functions as a base or reservoir of free electrons.
  • Teflon or Nylon 66 — said to act as a gate or regulator of electron pair migration to the next layer.
  • Permanent Magnetic material — acts as an accelerator of the electrons due to the changing or undulation magnetic fields of the revolving and orbiting rollers around the stator ring.
  • Copper — acts as an emitter of high-velocity electrons sourced from the Neodymium and develops the eddy currents that set up a magnetic coupling between stator and rollers.



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